ویژگی های ظاهری نژاد آریایی
ویژگی های ظاهری نژاد آریایی

نژاد شناسی را با نژاد پرستی اشتباه نگیریم

Aryan race and its bodily and facial characteristics

Aryan race


and its bodily and facial characteristics

Aryan race is one of the white race branches.it's skin color is different from pale white in Europe to brownish white in India
and Aryan hair color is different from fair in Europe to black in Iran and India depending on weather
being Aryan is doe's not depend completely 
on hair,eye or skin color

Aryan race has 12 characteristics which are

Forehead shape

Aryan people mostly have high and straight foreheads.the higher forehead is better.forehead height in Aryans is from 3 to 7 cms and it is completely vertical and straight in women and is straight with a little slope in men

eyebrows shape

Aryans have a little distance between their eyebrows and the eyebrows are sometimes connected with some hairs between them.eyebrows have simple shape in Aryan race and are covering all the eye length


full beard

men of this race have full and thick beard and mustache.Aryan man's face is full of hair until the age of 30.and the beard growth speed in Aryan race is 2 times faster then Arabs.in ancient Iran having thick beard showed the gentility of men.that's why the Achaemenid emperors were showed with full facial hair.after the achaemenian era and because of skin diseases having mustache became common in men and it's still a 
tradition in Kurdistan and North Of Iran

با درود؛

ویژگی های نژاد آریا از شماره 4 :

4.Hair :
In cold and temperate climate,Aryan hair is approximately straight but is also curly a bit.
in warmer climates and specially in Persian branch,Aryan hair is curly and wavy.
hair color is brown mostly but we can also see blond,red and black hair in Aryans.

in Aryan race,maxillary teeth have horizontal direction.

6.Aligned chin and forehead:
in Aryan race,chin and forehead are aligned.
so Aryan face is flat from profile view.
having extra-large and shaped cheeks or having too sloped foreheads means doesn't appear in Aryan race.

in Aryan race,nose height is more than nose width.Aryan nose starts from under the eyebrows and is placed like a mountain between the eyes and in the middle of face!
Aryans also have big nasal bone which can grow too much and make aquiline nose.

Eyes in aryan race are somehow placed in a hole which is made by forehead and cheekbones.
Aryans have a little distance between their eyes.
and Aryan eye color is also different from blue to completely black based on climate .

9.Lips shape and form:
Aryan people mostly have thick lips but there also is long and thin lips in Aryan people.


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